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The Online Courses, Live Webinars, Mentorship Programs, and One-to-One Coaching offered here, in Academy Soul, are about YOU: your purpose, your soul evolution, the unveiling of your unique gifts, and the flourishing of your individual, intuitive and creative skills. It is about catalyzing your deeper potential, and empowering your fuller authentic presence as a light being—a soul star on your personal journey of purpose.

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Watch this video on Life Purpose

How to empower your Life Purpose to its fuller authentic dimension, embracing not only what you accomplish, but also who you become and how you evolve as a soul.

What the Bleep is Life Purpose?

Soul 5D Connect

The event of Humanity is an auspicious Serendipity — one still emerging within the evolution of infinite creative consciousness.

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Your individual life experience, wisdom, gifts and perspectives are your unique signature within a vast tapestry of human diversity – this complex, interconnected living experiment of evolution. There are ingenious synergies woven into this matrix, and within them – hidden treasures of unlimited kinder possibilities, still awaiting our choosing.

We are explorers, pioneers, innovators and creators of both our personal and our shared human experiences. Each step any of us takes, deeper into our connected creative space of consciousness, keeps expanding the fascinating horizons of our common evolution.


You Are Your Purpose – a Book by Yoram Weis

Poetic insights into the extraordinary journey of the soul

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