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  Introducing the Course and the Transformational Learning Process

Welcome to the Soul Navigator Skills course. It’s Yoram here, and it is my delight to take you through this journey of discovery and learning.

In this Intro segment you’ll get familiar with the nature of the course, the way it rolls out, its guiding perspectives, and some of the insights and benefits you will gain from it.

The course progresses over 8 modules, typically to be completed in 8 to 10 weeks, but the timing and rhythm are entirely up to you. Each module consists of 2 parts, so in total there are 18 video segments (averaging 30 minutes each), including the introduction and closing sessions. This expansion is an upgrade to the previous 14 videos mentioned in this video introduction.

At the end of each module you will find a segment of built-in FOLLOW-UP COACHING, designed to take you through a personal mentorship within this course’s context. Use whatever parts are most relevant to you – it will personalize and enhance your learning, connecting it more intimately to your own life and personal journey.

I designed it as a flexible resource, for your use in your own individual style of learning. The idea is to support the way you integrate your learning, so you can truly own it and embody it.

So, let’s dive into the creative space of your soul treasures, and embark on your personal exploration and growth…