What are these One-to-One on Purpose Coaching sessions?

The seeds of our Life Purpose are embedded in our spiritual higher self, our “Soul Star” – the seat of the soul, and our innate inner portal to the higher dimensions of our being. You could call it your personal bridge of purpose and awareness into all aspects and dimensions of your soul, from the magnificent presence of love and wisdom within you, to the subtle realms of infinite consciousness you are connected to.

It is from the viewpoint of our soul that we can see our true full nature – our higher gifts, wider resources, and deep soul intentions that we carry within the matrix of our being.

Our life journey embraces more dimensions, forces, and energies than we are usually aware of. They are woven into our life like subtle threads of purpose and synchronicity, influencing our passage through this existence like a sculpting hand from within.

These are catalysts for growth, and mirrors of authenticity; reservoirs of inner strength, and wells of wisdom and love – all waiting to be discovered, tapped into by deeper awareness, and brought to life through our insightful choices and creative soul expressions.

The coaching and mentoring sessions I’ve been doing with people for many years, are rooted in this deeper perspective and intuitive perception. They act like mirrors of insights and activation for your own soul treasures, intuitive knowing, courage of vision, and passion of purpose.

These are your own resources, your precious gifts that are essential ingredients in catalyzing your life to its higher version of destiny, if you so choose.

The true evolution is in our own inner work – the courageous unfolding of awareness and choices, and their active integration into our life journey. Deep within your true nature you are a creator, a sculptor of your own soul progress, and of your unique creative blossom in this life.

You will find these One-to-One on Purpose coaching sessions empowering and revealing, nurturing and uplifting. They will awaken new awareness and insights in you, freeing you to step into your full light, to express your true soul presence here in a more fulfilling way, conscious and authentic, confident, creative, and deeply meaningful.

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