Schedule and topics of upcoming monthly live webinars

Please find below the schedule and topics of the Live Webinars in the coming months.

You will receive an email with the connection info to the next live webinar a few days before, as well as a couple of reminders leading up closer to it.

Following each live webinar, you will receive an email with the info for the replay, which will remain accessible to you until the next live webinar is on.

The most recent webinar was:

Sunday, October-1, at 9:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • Are You Ready for Your Light? – The challenge, potential and unique privilege of being fully You.
    – How to we leverage our life lessons, relationship mirrors, personal growth, and intuitive guidance to become more aware of our wider nature and deeper purpose?
    – How to embody it through the soul, not the ego?
    – How do we dive into our essence, and emerge from it with authenticity, to then step into our light, and own it without doubts, fears or inhibitions?

2019 Upcoming Webinars

Sunday, October 27, at 3:00 pm EDT (UTC -4)

  • Bridges and Boundaries – Managing personal space and empowered connectivity; Creating bridges into equilibrium.
    – The elasticity of our being within its unshakable integrity, and the balance it is able to assert with the world and our purpose in it.
    – Instincts, intuition, discernment, soul maturity and skill – how do they join together to enable accuracy of alignment and boundaries, unfettered inner space and equilibrium of interconnectedness, powerful bridges over gaps and walls, and intimacy of nurtured sharing.

Sunday, November 24, at 3:00 pm EST (UTC -5)

  • Co-Creating Your Soul Destiny – How to manifest and blossom In your highest version of Soul Calling?
    – What are your core soul intentions, the foundational ones and the uniquely individuated ones?
    – How to experience, engage and understand your life lessons and choices from your intentional soul perspective and calling?
    – How to align your life vision, aspirations and manifestation with the deeper reality of your soul journey and the resources and guidance it avails to you?

Sunday, December 22, at 3:00 pm EST (UTC -5)

  • The True Power of Love and The Nature of Soul Generosity.
    – How deeply is the nature of pure love woven into our soul calling and our human journey, individually and collectively?
    – Love’s influence – the subtle deeper reality of how “things get done”, energies move and unfold and authentic intentions become realized.
    – The powerful paradigm shift into the virtues, creative possibilities and innovative resources of the deeper dimensions of the soul.