My Journey – a deep dive into the ocean of life,
exploring the dimensions of the soul.

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We are human star-seeds of higher consciousness.
Our stage hovers in
space, our act – within a timeline,
but our purpose is larger than both.
Our true essence of being is boundless,
each of us – a unique window into Love.

Ever since I remember, my focus was immersed in my passion for the mysteries of life and the nature of the soul. My experiences in childhood were spontaneous yet inspiringly familiar – from mystical sensations of expansive consciousness to sudden instances of profound presence of peace, and from intuitive visions to lucid dreams with their surprising innate understanding. At the time, I was not yet ready to make sense of it all, but my curiosity was insatiable, embracing the horizons of both science, philosophy and the metaphysical.

My thirst took off following a deeply transformational experience at the end of a war, where one night, under a million-star desert sky, stricken by the agony and grief of the madness of war around me, I was overwhelmed by a transcendent inner wave of timelessness, pure presence and soul commitment. It was my very soul calling me to embrace the deeper potential of a life that I instinctively knew was a truer reality and purpose. Soon after, at age 21, I set out on my quest all around the world and into the universe of my soul. Exploring became my way of life, and soul discovery – my personal compass.

In the midst of a diversity of exciting, profound and adventurous experiences, during the early 70’s, I learned to meditate through unique inner connection skills and self-awareness. A huge door was opened – I discovered the vastness and beauty of my inner space, with all its treasures, wisdom and limitless love. And so, I set sail on a deep, all inspired inward journey. As my thirst was incessant, so was my focus and commitment to my inner transformation.

A few years later I began to work closely with a world renowned spiritual teacher, Prem Rawat, in a time of a huge surge of global shift in consciousness across most of the planet. I travelled extensively across all six continents, teaching meditation skills, counseling and inspiring soul awareness with people from all cultures and walks of life. I fell in love with the inner experience of boundless pure consciousness and with the magic of sharing soul passion and insights – cultivating people's personal growth, touching hearts and transforming lives.

Over the years I ventured into wider global community development, embracing the cause of peace through international humanitarian organizations, raising consciousness and catalyzing awareness, kindness and generosity. I engaged in extensive public speaking and transformational workshops, along with executive management, strategic development and team training. These were exciting years of passion and vision, heart inspired commitment and service, and deep connections with amazing souls all around the world.

As life would have it, I did go through my share of struggles and heartaches, rejection, loss and grief. Some of the deepest breakthroughs in my life followed intense dark nights of the soul, crossing the vast void of uncertainty from painful endings to daring new beginnings. And so, I kept diving deeper into my personal soul evolution, calling in the strength of my spirit and its buoyant trust and hope.

Challenges do make us stronger, wiser and kinder. Cultivating my own inner connection and intuitive gifts has deepened my love, sensitivity and kindness to others and to myself. It also amplified my awareness of our connectivity within the demanding yet nurturing process of life. I continued to study new modalities, discovering, integrating and developing new transformational tools, and expanding the circle of my experiences and skills.

There’s a stage in one's learning process, having matured through your true inner work and transformation, where you tap more directly into the very source of creative consciousness. This flow of higher perception begins to unveil new insights from within you, life-changing perspectives and innovative tools that create new horizons for your experience and giving. The evolution of our soul wisdom and authentic knowledge is forever dynamic, ingenious and fascinating. All these years of experience and transformation have led me to eventually create the Academy Soul and Purpose Catalyst teaching and coaching platforms.

To be a realist is not to give up on your dreams,
but to relinquish the limitations that keep them dormant.
Unleash the creative visionary within you,
and empower it with your love and commitment.

Being Present

I've experienced firsthand most parts of the world during these 30 years of travels and international work. I also lived for significant periods of time in a variety of countries and cultures. With all the rich diversity of beliefs, ways of life, views and dreams around this planet, it is the striking interconnectedness of our human experiences and the critical shared destiny we co-create together, that I found to be the most impressive and compelling.

We live in an era where each of us can make a real difference, bringing forth our soul's presence and gifts, our light and wisdom, creativity and compassion. The more awakened we become in our own consciousness, the more transformative, innovative and authentic our impact evolves to be.

I love giving voice to consciousness and wings to wisdom and passion. Public speaking has been central in my life for over 30 years. I spoke to audiences from 100 to 10,000 people, in more than 50 countries and hundreds of towns and cities. Sharing soul insights, inspiring a deeper awareness, and catalyzing strength and freedom to create and live fully one's highest purpose, is more than a passion to me – it is my nature and the voice of my soul.

It is our empowered connection to the deeper realms of the soul that enriches our expression and turns it into an instrument of awakening, healing, inspiration and nurturing. I’ve carried this essence of true soulful communication not only to large inspirational events, but also into board meetings, visionary consulting sessions, community gatherings, workshops and team training. I have always seen the audience light up as the stillness of attention would draw each person into the depth of their own heart's reflection and innate inner knowing.

Change the World by Love

We are fortunate to be here, now, in this time of massive human transformation and awakening, emerging from an increasingly chaotic world's state of affairs. Starting in the early 70’s and crossing into this new millennium, I've experienced and been a part of the many changing phases in our collective spiritual and new thought evolution. I have witnessed the generational shifts across our connective spiral of learning, as we've all grown together, both in our soul maturity and in our discernment. In all fields of life, we must never stop learning, evolving, innovating and transforming – it is an asset of our creative human nature.

Do I hold hope for what’s to come, I mean globally? Yes, even through the hardest times ahead. I can never relinquish the unbreakable knowing that we cannot ultimately fail. Even through my failures I have only grown stronger, and more importantly, kinder. There is something about our human light that cannot be diminished, not even by our deepest darkness. Each of us is essential in this process, and each of our gifts of consciousness is a precious note in this symphony of evolution. Our individual music must be played and heard, here and now, on the stage of our everyday life.

This is what motivated me to create the Academy Soul and Purpose Catalyst platforms – a fertile experiential learning space with transformational perspectives and tools. My core intention is to help catalyze true awakening, authentic personal growth, and mastery of each of our unique soul calling. I believe in people. I love who we are deep within, even if at times, for a million different reasons, we have a hard time showing up with it. Underneath the thin surface of appearance, life is infinitely invested in each of our journeys, rooting for the fulfillment of our deepest potential.

Higher consciousness is life-changing, soul resources are self-empowering, and personal experiences – enlightening and transforming. And still, it is in integrating and embodying our learning and acting on our own unique purpose, that we mature into the fullness of our being, and co-create our most fulfilling life and destiny from our soul.

Testimonials and Endorsements

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The mystical Blue Ridge Mountains
surrounding Asheville, where Sophia and I now live

A poetic mystical journey of the soul

One thing I love and am passionate about is poetic soulful writing. As in speaking, so in writing, it has always been for me like a stream of consciousness – a soft downpour of new insights, images and metaphors, and an all-enchanting presence of the soul. Writing from this inner space of my heart is to me a gift from my higher self, like a thread of light that connects me to the timeless Source. It's another precious way for me to embrace and embody the wider dimensions of the soul, bringing forth its presence, love and wisdom into my life.

I published my first book: You Are Your Purpose, in January 2016. You can read more about it and find the links to get it in different parts of the world:

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Sophia Rose

Some souls are present in your life so vividly – you can feel their breath in your heart. You love and appreciate them with such immense gratitude, it frees your feelings and thoughts into an unquenchable thirst to see their happiness blossom in front of your eyes.

In my journey – Sophia, with her unique spirit of relentless love and beauty, has been this precious angel to my soul. Since we fell in love, two decades ago, she's been to me a source of deep feminine wisdom and insights, a muse of love and laughter, gifted with intuitive clarity and soul maturity. She is my personal miracle. Yes, miracles do happen, and they need to be seen and embraced by our love.

When such a date with destiny appears in your life, you know it is the arrow sent by your own heart’s longing that has finally returned to you, this time with wings of intimacy – a soul intimacy, touching your heart with infinite beauty, nurturing you to grow into the authentic being of kindness and love that you were created to become.

We have finally entered the era, in the long chaotic history of our fragmented humanity, where the feminine energy is called upon to step onto the stage, shine brighter from the deep, and help bring back the innate wholeness and true equilibrium this world has been missing for millennia. The near future may be intense, but the far horizons of our evolution are full of promise.

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How to engage all the dimensions of love, embracing and embodying its full expansive nature and transforming gifts.

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