Soul 5D Synergy

We are innately connected at the roots of our souls. Each one of our lives individuates from an infinite presence of a timeless creative intelligence. We breathe within one shared atmosphere, and chart our unique paths on one common Earth. We explore a vast diversity of dreams, all within an interactive dimension of abundant, yet interdependent possibilities.

We are inseparable from the miracle of existence. We all rise and fall within the interconnected environment which gives us birth, and in which we have an extraordinary purpose – to blossom into the unlimited sky of consciousness.

Our present chaotic paradigm, oblivious to our part in nature, can evolve into the awareness of our nurturing potential and critical guardianship role. Our instruments of destruction will eventually give way to an innovative technology of generosity. And our walls of judgement will one day transform into thriving fields of kindness and sharing.

One of our future generations will live to see it, but all who precede it, are part of its choosing. We carry the magic of life in our hearts – its music must be played and heard across the streets and valleys of this world. Our next step is right where we are...

Synergy is Magic

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When facing a wall on your path, consider it a part of a giant staircase to a higher road. Expand your perspective, rise to a higher state in your perception. Your journey is not linear, neither in space nor in time. Where does your inner GPS point toward? What does your heart, your authentic love, call in for you? Lean into your experience, open all your windows to this new dawn that is reaching for you from the depth of your own soul’s presence and wisdom.

Clarity is an expanding evolution of awareness. Embrace the new horizons, emerging beyond your familiar zone. You are invited to step into your deeper potential, to innovate your destiny with a maturing purpose. Allow for the transformation to unfold wherever it needs to – guided by the innate connectivity of your higher-self to the divine intelligence.

What you will need ahead will be wired to the next step you choose to take. New resources already hover about your space, eager for you to show up. Serendipities with like-minded people are given birth, and fresh creative opportunities are lining up, with unforeseen synergies, assets and tools, all with your name etched on them…

Be connected – from your inner realm of pure consciousness to the gateways awaiting you on your new elevated path. This is your own unique journey, customized to the fullness of your nature. You are the best candidate for it, the only real suitable one. Dare to grow into this new dimension in your life – beyond this veil you now face, are the fields of your abundance and love.

~ Yoram Weis, Live Webinars for the Soul: Soul 5D Live

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Soul 5D – 11:11 Talk Radio Interview

My Interview by Simran Singh on her 11:11 Talk Radio/Voice America, about my book ‘You Are Your Purpose’ and Academy Soul.

Replay of my Sept-11, 2019 interview on 11-11 Talk Radio


The Field

The Field

The full transformational effect in our evolution toward a kinder more balanced and harmonious world is not in any of our ideas, visions or perspectives, but in the space between them – the space we share in the authentic depth of each of our individual and unique soul journeys.

It's the subtle presence of pure consciousness, giving birth to all our experiences, even as it bonds them together into our evolving creative oneness. It is the field beyond the horizons of our competing, and at times conflicting, views. It is the space that weaves us all into this garden, where we meet each other's heart, nurture each other’s quest, and embrace each discovery into its full blossom.

~ Yoram Weis, Soul 5D Messages – Subscribe

The Nurturing Power of Love

The Nurturing Power of Love

I have witnessed wars, divisiveness, judgment and conflict all my life, just about everywhere around this planet. Yet, I have also witnessed the magnificent power of love, the compelling nature of kindness, and the nurturing presence of true harmony.

Coming into our power is like wearing our truth, being present to our light, rooted in our deepest nature. We do not fit into this world by playing its games, as these games have long become obsolete. We are not even here to play games. We are here to play the music of our souls. We are each the original next note in the serendipity of an emerging human symphony of consciousness.

We connect within this matrix of existence by being authentic, embodying our unique soul signature, pouring down into this dimension like a rain of magic, each drop a miracle, each drop an individuation of infinite love, here to nurture a thriving, forever evolving, garden of consciousness.

I have come to embrace that the invitation we have all received in coming here, is to simply live our authentic life – live it fully, consciously, sincerely and freely. It is in our alignment to our individual soul frequency that we land into the symphony of life with the exquisite harmony that is our only true state of connectivity – the only way we will ever live and thrive together.

~ Yoram Weis, Personal Coaching Sessions

Inner Beauty

Soul Navigator Skills Course

We wear the years of our journey here as wrinkles on our faces, silver in our hair and weight in our posture. But the years do not pile up on the free wings of our soul. It is not for Time to etch its signature on the inner walls of our heart. It is Love that must draw our true story in the ageless caves of our spirit.

How can the restless waves on the surface speak for the boundless stillness of the deep? The appearance of the landscape of our fate is but the thin skin of the true passage of our transformation here. What we live and love, breathe and embrace into our soul's presence is forever immersed in the silence of the true depth of our being.

Our soul journeys are rivers of consciousness within a vast chaotic universe, unique patterns of ingenious serendipity and purpose in the randomness of existence. Each of us is an exquisite miracle of awareness, a living individuation of passion and curiosity, extending from the infinite dimension of pure unmanifested consciousness.

Like intimate bays, we are lovers who caress the shores of this world, while backed by the depth of an ocean that nurtures the love in our souls, sending its waves of magic through our hearts. The way we touch the shores is the way we sculpt our purpose here, giving it our timeless signature of beauty and the sweet curves of our unstoppable love.

~ Yoram Weis, Soul Navigator Skills Course

In Soul’s-Eye View

In Soul’s-Eye View

What would it be like, if we lived our lives not only as personalities, societies and ideologies, but from the experience and presence of our timeless authentic spirit? What would this world look like, if we had stripped it naked with the eyes of our souls, and accepted each other with the awareness of our higher hearts?

This world may not be ready yet for this true nature of love, but it is equally unready to live without it. Our light is never extinguished, not even by our deepest darkness. It glows from behind the veils of our perception like a dawn within the womb of the night.

This light searches for the cracks in our walls, for wounded corners in our shadows, holes in our divisiveness. It yearns to heal the spaces between us with the compassion that yields flowers from among the thorns. It will never give up, nor ever rest away from love, as it sends forth our potential into the sea of evolution.

What for now may seem like a lost dream, a forsaken promise, is in fact the stardust of our new beginning. Yes, our evolution is still within the cocoon of our chaos, but our imagination already wears the butterfly's wings.

We transform through the unstoppable alchemy of our souls. Each sunset in our life is the sunrise of our expanded being. Love is how we give birth, from the dimension of our souls, to our new way of living. It is the seed that was there when stars first beamed their light into the vast space, which now beholds our Earth like a birthplace of a miracle.

~ Yoram Weis, Soul 5D Messages – Free Subscription