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Advanced Intuitive Skill Development from a Soul Perspective

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Awaken your intuitive soul clarity, gifts and guidance from the deep wells of your soul – your life is a powerful wave of consciousness, called forth by love and purpose, on a journey towards new shores we are yet to discover.

Like a star in the universe, our destiny is formed from the stardust of our soul nature, around the gravity of our deepest soul intentions and calling. Our free will, our power of choice, our intuitive guidance and our wisdom of discernment, are all catalysts we are born with, yet need to cultivate and embrace. When we embody the fullness of these gifts, they become our treasured allies in navigating this extraordinary journey with an authentic love for life, passion for purpose and true soul clarity.

In our essence, in our soul DNA, we have the seeds of everything we'll need for our growth and evolution, to be able to co-create our highest destiny. Yet, like an individual star in a vast universe, the sheer volume of possibilities, the complexity of forces, intentions, events and choices all around us, often seem like a chaotic dance of unknown trajectories, at times too overwhelming to make sense of.

You have been aware and often experienced that under the surface of the perceived reality around you, and at the heart of your life’s unfolding, there is a synchronicity of purpose, a serendipity of meaning, and deeply freeing and uplifting love and wisdom.

You are a unique soul expression, a magical presence of creative soul intelligence. By nature, you are a powerful explorer of the vast oceans of consciousness, and a pioneer of the soul potential and its abundance of love and beauty. Learning to tap into the essence of your being, unveil your true soul gifts, awaken and embrace your intuitive knowing, and expand your authentic capacity to create from your inner light – is your experiential spiral of growth and transformation. Choosing to set sail on this journey is a precious milestone in your soul evolution.

This ClairSoul Mentorship is about your personalized process of learning, integrating and transforming like a star around your unique soul intention and calling. It’s about embodying your authentic inner strength and gifts, and gaining access to your higher dimensional resources and insights. You will acquire intuitive tools and knowledge, learn mystical and archetypical modalities, customized to your personal soul journey, and empower visionary awareness and discernment from deep within you. Turning your potential into thriving skills and mature capabilities is a huge step in the trajectory of living the fullness of your calling.

Some areas of learning and growth in your ClairSoul journey:

  • Deeper soul connection and awareness
  • Expanded intuitive perception and skill development
  • Intuitive modalities, meditation, Clair Senses and refined discernment
  • Clearer archetypical interpretation of your intuitive input from a soul perspective
  • Deeper insights into your soul lessons and intentions
  • Access to higher dimensional resources and inner guidance
  • Inner-space work, energetic alignment and clearing, boundaries, viewing and manifesting
  • Cultivation of your soul gifts and creative potential
  • Experiential tools, expanded awareness exercises, journeying, self readings
  • The above areas will unfold and progress at your own unique orientation and pace
  • And more…

Your Mentor

Yoram Weis
Yoram Weis

Yoram Weis is a Purpose Catalyst, inspirational speaker, transformational mentor and author, with a lifelong passion for the wisdom, magic and creativity of the soul.

He is the founder of Purpose Catalyst Int’l and of Academy Soul, and the author of ‘You Are Your Purpose’ – a poetic mystical window into the extraordinary journey of the soul.

Yoram teaches uniquely creative, intuitive and transformative skills and insights, drawing from his wealth of personal and professional experience, and his deep inner learning and intuitive exploration. His coaching, teaching and writing are both uplifting and empowering, insightful and nurturing.

Before developing Academy Soul, Yoram traveled the world for over 30 years, speaking to audiences from a diversity of cultures and nationalities, and training individuals and teams in more than 50 countries, as part of global foundations for peace education. He has inspired, counseled and mentored thousands of people, unveiling soul gifts and inner callings, and catalyzing personal growth and mindful living.

His core intention through the courses and webinars in Academy Soul is to cultivate soul awareness and higher consciousness, clarity of purpose, and new-paradigm visions and evolution.

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