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Our Purpose evolves in our life journey both through our Being and through our Choices and Actions. It unfolds like an interconnected Ecosystem – as we engage it more fully, we transform both ourselves and each other.

Wherever you are on your life path of purpose, you are a unique and irreplaceable individual – an extraordinary soul on a human journey of precious evolution. In your full nature you are, in fact, a multidimensional being, with a wider potential, vast accessible resources, and a deeper meaning than what appears on the surface.

You embody deep soul gifts, wisdom, strength and insights. You are propelled by a multi-faceted purpose, amazing passion and creativity, intuitive intelligence and unimaginable capacity for love – undoubtedly you have felt an intimately personal calling, a persistent whisper from within, embedded with your unique soul signature and sense of purpose.

The "Purpose Catalyst Mentorship” sessions are designed to expand your awareness, unveil hidden treasures, nurture your transformational capacity, and deepen your engagement in this extraordinary process of your life and purpose. It will catalyze your embrace, ownership and mastery of some of the true magic that has been invested in your being here, all the way to the depth of your soul.

We move through a sea of accelerating changes, unexpected transitions and powerful events, concealed in veils of uncertainty. And while often being challenged by it all, you have also recognized countless opportunities, synergies and serendipities, all pointing in the direction of your personal calling and purpose.

This mentorship is a powerful and sensitive process, personalized to who you are and where you stand on your individual path. It’s both a mirror and a spotlight at the same time – awakening your own understanding, intuitive wisdom, and personal virtues from within, and engaging them as your inner guidance and active resources, tools and catalysts. It is precious to discover your wider potential, and to navigate more consciously your authentic purpose and evolution in this chaotic world. Aligned and empowered, the inspiring music you carry in your heart yearns to be fully expressed.

As the music of life would have it, we are not alone. We are each an essential part of the human symphony we co-create and grow with together – the more we lean into, embrace and embody, our own individual purpose, the more we can nurture and catalyze it in others. These mentoring sessions will teach you, not only how to deeply align with your own soul’s calling, but also how to catalyze the potential, awareness and capacity in others who are a part of your life journey.

What will you learn and cultivate in this process?

  • The nature of your evolutionary purpose – your soul instincts and inner calling, your personal growth areas, the landscape of your life journey, and your navigational choices.
  • Discovering and understanding your soul blueprint – your soul intentions, soul seeds, and life lessons – the transformational nature of this living matrix, its inherent synergy, dynamics and evolutionary effect on your life and your purpose.
  • Your soul gifts – accessing your higher potential, unveiling your deeper resources, and cultivating your mastery of them. How to own and embody your gifts with a powerful, creative and innovative capacity.
  • Leveraging your life’s transitions, challenges and opportunities, critical lessons and catalysts – navigating the inherent uncertainty and unexpected changes with your higher wisdom and inner GPS.
  • The nurturing relationship between your weaknesses and strengths, your failures and achievements, your shadows and your light – the evolutionary journey into your self awareness, deeper authenticity, and soul maturity. Learning to engage your soul presence and its transformative effect.
  • Gaining a transformational perspective and empowering capabilities to catalyze your own emerging purpose, soul evolution and personal blossom. Learning to engage intuitive soul skills.
  • Understanding and cultivating the current expression of your deeper calling, expanding your vision of yourself, your life, and the implementation of your purpose.
  • What is Purpose Catalyst? How to catalyze deeper awareness, clarity of purpose, and transformational capacity in yourself and in other people in your life?
  • Personalizing your purpose catalyst insights and skills to your specific chosen focus – from personal relationships, to work relationships, to transformational leadership of teams, or to coaching and mentoring.

Upon completion of the 10 mentorship sessions, you will receive a certificate: “Purpose Catalyst Skills” – Personal mentorship in the essential transformative insights and skills of catalyzing purpose.

While applying these skills, with deeper awareness and wiser discernment, in your own personal life and development, they will also be precious assets in your relationships and in your work. What you will learn, internalize and embody as your own authentic insights and personal transformation, will shine and inspire others.

These conscious mirrors and empowering spotlights will catalyze others in your relationships, career, and community endeavors to engage more of their own soul gifts, higher potential, and clarity of purpose.


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With your enrollment you will also receive the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: A site-wide 25% discount on all courses and coaching sessions offered by Academy Soul. Valid for 6 months following the purchase of the “Purpose Catalyst Mentorship".

Bonus 2: A discounted subscription rate to the “Soul 5D Live” Monthly Webinars, at $22 per month instead of the full monthly rate of $33. This special rate will remain in effect as long as your subscription to these webinars is active.

These insightful, inspiring webinars can be a perfect companion to your “Purpose Catalyst Mentorship” process, and will support your learning and its transformational effect way into the future.

Your Mentor

Yoram Weis
Yoram Weis

Yoram Weis is a Purpose Catalyst, inspirational speaker, transformational mentor and author, with a lifelong passion for the wisdom, magic and creativity of the soul.

He is the founder of Purpose Catalyst Int’l and of Academy Soul, and the author of ‘You Are Your Purpose’ – a poetic mystical window into the extraordinary journey of the soul.

Yoram teaches uniquely creative, intuitive and transformative skills and insights, drawing from his wealth of personal and professional experience, and his deep inner learning and intuitive exploration. His coaching, teaching and writing are both uplifting and empowering, insightful and nurturing.

Before developing Academy Soul, Yoram traveled the world for over 30 years, speaking to audiences from a diversity of cultures and nationalities, and training individuals and teams in more than 50 countries, as part of global foundations for peace education. He has inspired, counseled and mentored thousands of people, unveiling soul gifts and inner callings, and catalyzing personal growth and mindful living.

His core intention through the courses and webinars in Academy Soul is to cultivate soul awareness and higher consciousness, clarity of purpose, and new-paradigm visions and evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what time frame, and how do we schedule these 10 sessions?
This mentorship program usually spreads over 10 weeks, one session per week, but can also be customized to your needs and availability. This would allow for a cohesive process, with optimal time between sessions to reflect and internalize the learning. We will schedule the weekly sessions in advance, allowing if necessary for some changes and adjustments, as we progress.
How will the sessions be done, and will I receive their recording?
The sessions will be done over the phone or via a weblink. Following each session, you will receive a private audio recording, so you can review it all at your convenience. You will be able to use the time between the sessions to reflect, explore, and exercise some of the skills you are learning. During the process, you can also send questions or topics that you wish to cover in more depth in future sessions of this mentorship.

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